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ABOUT beach tennis

Beach tennis has gained significant popularity in Australia, particularly in coastal regions where the pristine beaches provide the perfect backdrop for this exciting sport. With its combination of tennis skills and beachside ambiance, beach tennis has attracted a growing community of players across the country.


From casual players enjoying a leisurely game on weekends to competitive athletes participating in tournaments, the beach tennis scene in Australia is thriving. Among the equipment brands catering to this burgeoning sport, Drop Shot stands out as the leader in beach tennis equipment in Australia. Known for its high-quality paddles and accessories specifically designed for the sandy court, Drop Shot has earned the trust of beach tennis enthusiasts nationwide for its performance and durability.

Furthermore, Drop Shot solidifies its position as a leader in beach tennis in Australia by sponsoring some of the best male and female players in the country.


By supporting these talented athletes, Drop Shot not only showcases its commitment to the growth and development of beach tennis but also helps elevate the sport's profile in Australia. Through sponsorship deals and partnerships with top players, Drop Shot reinforces its status as the preferred brand for beach tennis equipment while also contributing to the success and recognition of Australian beach tennis players on the national and international stage.

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